Have you ever tried to do anything with your eyes closed? Can you imagine walking around at a place where you live and getting to your friends' house if you were unable to walk as most people do? Did you, by any chance, consider how would you talk to your friends if you were unable to hear them?

These are some of the problems that many people living near you face every day. You will be able to find out more about them by talking to them and playing games at your nearest Bontonček workshop.

We offer different workshops where you can find out how persons with disability (differently - abled persons) live and what we have to do to live in the community with other people. each workshop will include at least one disabled person that you will be able to ask anything that will pique your interest. Use this opportunity! Ask at school or other organizations that you may have contact with about a possibility to invite us and spend a few interesting and eye - opening hours with us.

At YHD we wish to use our Culture of Coexistence workshops, which are part of our Bontonček project, to reach everybody because disability is a very real part of our society and people with disabilities live and work among us. Our workshops are especially recommended to all who have regular contacts with disabled persons or might have them in near future. You might be a pedagogue or teacher of children with disabilities or maybe one or both of the parents of one of the children you teach are disabled. Or friends of your children may be disabled or disabled people simply live near you. We often find ourselves a bit flummoxed when we don't know what to do and what to say so is not to hurt somebody's feelings or do something wrong. Culture of Coexistence will answer many of your questions concerning disabled persons, especially since you will meet a person with disability who will be prepared to answer your every question. You will be able to learn many new things and be more relaxed and efficient in your contacts with people with disabilities.