• Promotion of independent living, development, and expansion of our network on the national and international level.
  • Training of personal assistants, society members, experts, parents and other interested parties on the subject of independent living.
  • Consultation and informing on the options of independent living.
  • Collecting and distribution of literature and audio and video production on the subject of disability, publishing activities
  • Organization of acts of support or protest.
  • Implementation of programs in the area of social care and all other activities, which contribute to equality of rights.
  • Striving for equal rights of the persons with disabilities (differently - able persons), struggle against discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes in all spheres of social life.
  • Information and raising public awareness, participation in the designing of measures at the local, national and international level.



  • International networking with organizations and European institutions with similar goals.
  • Collaboration in drafting new bills, advocating for anti-discriminatory legislation and systemic changes to make personal assistance reality.
  • Organizing public promotional activities.
  • Association with non-governmental organizations working in various fields.
  • Publishing educational and promotional materials.